Sunday, May 10, 2015

today's note: oh, it hurts so bad!

thoughts:  I'm in severe pain. Yesterday, my friend and I did squats, lunges and other things with weights. OUCH! I popped two ibuprofen before going to the gym today--- and I'm back in pain again. Today's pain was brought to me by... most likely running...well, walking with a couple minutes of slow jogging and then "climbing the mountain" as I call it on the treadmill. (steep incline). Yesterday was was arms... but we also took a journey to the "intimidating" side of the gym and tried out a couple of new machines. I love the one crunch machine... I forget what it is called but you move your legs and chest into a crunch while lifting the weighted stacks... holy hell that hurt but it was awesome too.

food:  horrible. I bought a pizza last night, had a pepsi- today I have had a lot of sweet tea, coke... but I did have some cottage cheese, yogurt and some sliced turkey. Not a good day for food but I am looking to eat cleaner tomorrow.

exercise:  weight training: arms--- cardio: treadmill for warm up and work out--- body weight: ab workout with friend

  • shoulder press: 3 sets of 10 @ 20 lbs (yes, I'm weak!)
  • triceps dips: "" "" @ 65 lbs
  • row: "" "" @ 50 lbs
  • pull down: 1 set of 10 @ 65, 2 sets of 10 @ 60
  • bicep curl: 2 sets of 10 (I think) with a 20 lb barbell
  • crunch thingy: 6 reps @ 20 lbs, 2 sets of 10 @ 10 lbs

  • treadmill totals: 32.52/1.47 m/141 calories/jogged twice at 3.2 pace for 1-2 minutes

abs: we do a sequence of 40,30 then 20 second rounds
  • russian twists--- I suck at these!
  • crunch "pulses" ---ditto
  • reverse crunch/leg lift--- horrible
  • planks--- tried to do with extended arm---still hurts like a bitch... and I am going to start video taping my progression with these because these are awesome at building up a core...

@ home: 
  • yoga-- attempted my version of the "sun salutation" and everything REALLY HURT!

notes: stuff to research, follow up with, to do etc...
  • I need to use the massage bed!!! Badly!!!
  • Create my favorite food list-find healthy alternatives.
  • Find a notebook to write my food in.
  • Take another advil and go to bed by 11:30 pm tonight.
  • Eat breakfast at home tomorrow!!! (Fruit and yogurt!)
  • Make a meal plan!
  • Next Saturday--- farmers market! 
  • Take time to meditate... will start tomorrow

notes to self...

I've been going to the gym for about three months now and I have not really lost any weight despite cardio and weight training faithfully. The problem is really my lack of sleep, stress and poor eating habits. I have seen some muscles started to form though---and my "core" is getting stronger...but with 100 extra pounds hanging on my body--- everything is more difficult than it needs to be. So- I have to bite the bullet and really take better care of what I'm doing with my body in terms of nutrition, stress and sleep. (as I make a big yawn!).

The plan: (and I need to make this as simple as possible so I don't go insane)...
  1. Diet: Aim to eat "clean"--- which basically means to stop eating things that come in bags (chips), boxes (frozen dinners, snacks) and anything that is fried... and try to stay away from fast food.
    • Create a list of all the foods I love and find healthy alternatives to them.
    • Create a healthy meal plan- with about 1500-1800 calories already pre-planned-  This will allow me to keep control of my calories without becoming obsessive about it... but I will write stuff down to keep myself accountable.
      • Add in a couple "cheat" meals- which can be lunches or dinners out with friends
      • Have one or two "bad" foods per week (one can of soda, one chocolate bar etc...) 
    • Start visiting the farmers market regularly to pick up healthier food items.
    • Pick a time during the weekend to prep foods for the next week.
  2. Exercise--- 
    • Stretching/yoga daily
    • Body weight exercises (lunges, squats, planks <ouch!!!> etc...) & and ab toning daily.
    • Cardio daily- videos or cardio workouts at the gym- keep track of running---goal is to run a mile without stopping. 
    • Weight training- three to four times per week- keep track of this. 
    • Try new exercises and work on "challenges"
  3. SLEEP--- try to get at least 8 hours
  4. STRESS--- Deal with it! Start meditation and yoga... 
Tracking/Progress Plans:
  1. Daily:
    • Exercise- running and weight training--- will use phone app and update on here in sidebar...
    • Exercise challenges- planks etc... make short videos so I can go back and watch progress
    • Journaling about all the aches and pains and changes here...
  2. Weekly:
    • Scale photo
    • Weekly summary of everything this past week
  3. Monthly:
    • Body picture
    • Measurements
    • Monthly summary